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DVR Security Systems

The biggest difference between network video recorders (NVR) and digital video recorders (DVRs) is the type of camera you are able to use. A DVR uses analog cameras. Like IP cameras, analog cameras can be connected to the DVR via Cat 5E cable, instead of traditional coaxial cable. Many DVRs are also IP-enabled, allowing for remote access on your PC, tablet or smartphone.


Economical Digital Video Recorders

Analog cameras can be more economical than IP cameras, making them desirable for budget-conscious businesses who do not plan to use the footage for detail (e.g., license plates, faces) or more intelligent applications such as video analytics. That’s because the quality of the video recorded on DVR will (mostly) be limited to 700 TV lines (TVL), or 720 x 480 pixels of resolution making some details difficult to identify.

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