Analog or IP Security Cameras - Which is Better?

There are many articles and papers available online that discuss the benefits of Analog CCTV over an IP Surveillance System and vice versa. It is our experience that there are requirements for both types of security camera systems, and, a surveillance system that combines analog and IP, also known as a hybrid surveillance system, has its benefits, too.

Budget critical? Consider an analog surveillance system.
Need a fully-featured system? Then an IP surveillance system is the way to go.
Budget critical AND you need fully-featured? The best of both worlds is possible!

Do you provide 24/7 support?

We offer 24/7 telephone support.

How far away are your service personnel?

We are centrally located in New England and can be in most major metropolitan areas within 3 hours or less. Our service area covers most metropolitan areas in Maine (ME), New Hampshire (NH), Massachusetts (MA), Rhode Island (RI), Connecticut (CT), and Vermont (VT).

What surveillance system service plans do you offer?

We offer surveillance system service plans that allow you to select the coverage you need ensuring that your system stays in optimum running order.

Is the security camera system installation process disruptive?

Typically no.

How fast can my security camera system be installed?

From an hour to a matter of weeks depending on your requirements. We have installed a single camera at the entrance to a business office to hundreds of cameras in a large hospital.

What is the warranty for a security camera system?

If, during the first 30 days, you are not completely satisfied with our service - and we are unable to remedy the problem - you will not be charged. We warranty our installation services for 90 days. We offer service plans that extends our installation warranty. Hardware warranty is managed by the manufacturer, but generally runs from 1 year to 3 years.

Do you provide video surveillance hosted storage?

We do not provide a hosted storage service, but we can design your surveillance system to work with a host provider. There are many benefits to having your video stored in the cloud, but keep in mind that there are fees associated with this (i.e., monthly fee to your service provider). Contact us to learn more about hosted storage options.

How will my security camera footage be stored?

This depends on your requirements. Recorded footage can be stored on your PC, or attached storage, or to a hosted storage site.

Will I need additional security camera software?

This depends on your requirements. If you have a single camera installation, software is usually resident with the camera, and in some cases, software with additional management features is available for free! If you have a larger camera installation, your requirements will dictate what video recording and monitoring functionality your video management software needs to support.

Can my video surveillance system send me real-time alerts?

Yes. Your security camera system can be configured to respond to events in real-time. When an event occurs, any of the following can happen:

  • Set off an alarm
  • Send e-mail with or without an image of what triggered the event
  • Send text message to your mobile phone
  • Send a multimedia message (image of event) to your mobile phone
  • Sound an audio alert on your video management system
  • On-screen pop-ups, showing image of event and more. . .

Can I view my security camera live and recorded footage from my smartphone, laptop PC, tablet?


Can security cameras work during a power outage?

Absolutely, but, unless backup power is supplied to your camera system, either through an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) or a generator, the cameras will not operate during a power outage.

How does analog image quality compare to IP?

Although an IP camera can deliver better image quality and higher resolution than an analog security camera, analog security cameras can produce images of similar quality in certain environments.

Should I consider a wireless security camera system?

Wireless security camera systems can be a cost-efficient and quick way to deploy a video surveillance solution where pulling cable is not possible - however - although a network cable is not required for the wireless camera to operate, a power cable/source needs to be run to each Wi-Fi security camera. What we take into consideration when we conduct your free consultation:

  • Available power source(s) for the camera(s)
  • Your wireless network and network security.
  • Is there a direct line of sight?
  • The bandwidth capacity of the wireless access point(s)
  • The bandwidth requirements of other network devices (e.g. switch)
  • Can a wired security camera do a better, more cost-effective job?

How many security cameras do I need?

The number of cameras are dependent on the functionality of the camera you select and the area(s) to be covered. For instance, in an IP camera application, if there are two, relatively small areas of interest that are close to each other, a megapixel camera with a wide-angle lens can be used instead of two non-megapixel cameras.

Do you sell security camera equipment that I can install myself?

Yes! We offer a solution that's perfect for a home or small business. Protect your property from intruders, theft and vandalism with a high-quality, reliable home or small business security camera system. The Companion Security Camera Systems from Axis are simple to understand and very easy to install and use.

The system ships to you complete with 1 to 8 indoor/outdoor ready security cameras, a 2TB or 4TB Recorder (depends on the number of cameras you order), a 100′ Cat 5e cable per camera and a 3′ cable to connect the Recorder to your Internet router, printed instruction manuals and links to online videos that make installing and configuring your security camera system easy!

We also provide you with 30 days of free phone support if you have any questions during installation. Check out the product page here >