Provide an Extra Level of Security for Your Home

A quality surveillance system is an essential part of keeping your home safe. You can rely on our easy to use IP security camera systems to secure your property, protect your family, and keep an eye on your home – even when you are not there.




Home Security Camera System

Protect your home from intruders, theft and vandalism with a high-quality, reliable home security camera system. The Companion Security Camera Systems from Axis are simple to understand and very easy to use.

The Very Best Quality

Axis is the market leader for the latest in network security camera technology and are renowned for their product quality. You will not find a better solution!


Video Available Any Time, Anywhere

View live or recorded video at your home or even from another location directly on a mobile device or PC. Motion detection features trigger email alerts notifying you of any activity.


Security Camera System Product Information

Systems are configured to your specifications and is installed with 1 to 8 indoor and/or outdoor ready security cameras, a 2TB or 4TB Recorder (depends on the number of cameras you need), cable installation for each camera and a Recorder that connects to your Internet router. Cameras and recorders come with a 3-year warranty.

Click on each of the following to see product information for the security cameras, video recorder and video management software.

Day and night surveillance, indoors or outdoors, light or dark – Axis Companion Eye can handle any condition.



Compact storage device for HDTV surveillance


  • Surveillance-grade hard disk, 2 TB or 4 TB
  • Switch with 8 PoE ports, 1 LAN port
  • Compact, fanless design
  • Wireless access point for mobile devices
  • USB port for exporting video
  • 7 1/16 in x 7 1/16 in x 2 1/16 in
  • 1.3 lb

AXIS Companion Recorder is a compact network video recorder for up to eight Axis network cameras. It includes a built in PoE switch for easy installation. The device features a surveillance-grade hard disk and a fan-less design. Is also includes a USB port for easy export of video footage and a wireless access point for installation and direct access to the system with mobile devices. AXIS Companion Recorder comes in two models – including a 2 TB or a 4 TB hard disk. AXIS Companion Recorder is supported only by AXIS Companion video management software and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.


Video surveillance made simple


  • Easy and intuitive surveillance
  • Secure remote access to video
  • Mobile app for freedom of use
  • Quick, simplified system set-up
  • Scalable and future proof
  • Easy set up with Online video tutorials and manual

AXIS Companion video management software is designed for locations that need basic monitoring of their people and property and is suitable for locations with a surveillance need of typically 1-8 cameras. AXIS Companion software consists of a Windows client and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. With Axis Secure Remote Access technology, you can access live or recorded video from a remote location directly on a mobile device or PC with no need for network or router configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included?

We install 1 through 8 Cameras, a 2TB or 4TB Recorder (depends on the number of cameras you order). We connect the Recorder to your Internet router and configure your video management software. Then we show you how easy it is to use!

Wireless vs Wired

What’s the difference between a wireless security camera and a wired one? Is one better than the other? There are pros and cons to both types. With a wireless camera, there are no cables to worry about, but you will have to plug the camera into a nearby power source. With a wired camera, you will have to connect a cable between it and the recorder, but, a wired camera gets its power from the same cable, leaving you with more flexibility about where you place the camera. Wireless cameras are susceptible to interference, whereas wired cameras are not. Wireless cameras tend to be less expensive than wired cameras and are easier to relocate. Wired cameras typically produce better image quality.

Alert Notifications?

Can I be alerted when my camera(s) detect something? With video motion detection cameras can be configured to alert you when activity occurs.

Camera Types?

What types of security cameras are available? The Companion Security Camera System is installed with 1 to 8 cameras. Based on your requirements, we’ll help you to select from these available models: AXIS Companion Dome indoor, wired and wireless.  AXIS Companion Cube indoor, wired and wireless. AXIS Companion Eye outdoor-ready. AXIS Companion Bullet outdoor-ready

Video Storage?

Where are my video recordings stored? The Companion Security Camera System records and stores footage on the Recorder that comes with the system. Is that better than storing footage in the Cloud? It’s a matter of control, convenience and cost. Storing on a recorder gives you more control, while cloud storage is convenient. Do compare the cost of the recorder to the cloud service subscription cost as they all vary.