Improve Hotel Customer Service

Improve Hotel Customer Service

Being proactive about safety, such as spotting suspicious behavior, identifying unwelcome guests and monitoring crowded areas, is nothing new in the hospitality industry. But did you know that besides the obvious – and very important – reasons that hotels, motels, restaurants, etc. install security cameras, (you’ll recognize them throughout the article), there are some not so obvious, but also important uses for an IP surveillance solution.

Guest Protection
Protect your guests and their belongings from theft and vandalism. Security cameras that are strategically placed such as in common areas where a guest may temporarily leave their belongings, park their vehicle, or walk through the property will deter theft or vandalism.

Employee Safety
Protect your staff from intrusion and theft. For example, employees who are responsible for handling cash in open areas that allow public access are vulnerable to theft.

Facility Security
Indoor and outdoor surveillance in locations such as lobbies, hallways and parking lots, covering entrances, exits, stairwells, and elevators – let your guests and employees know that you’re concerned for their safety and well being.

Enhance customer satisfaction
Here are some ways you can offer your guests exceptional service by utilizing your video security cameras to:

  • Remotely view the flow of guests – watch your hotel reception areas, parking area entrances and exits, and restaurant waiting areas for congestion. Customer satisfaction declines the longer your guests have to wait to check in, to find a parking spot, to exit the parking area, wait to be seated…
  • Remotely view public area upkeep – check your hotel lobby, front entrance, and dining areas for neatness and cleanliness. The number of guests will decline if your premises don’t present a clean and organized appearance.
  • Monitor areas for issues that need immediate attention – for instance, forgotten luggage, parking lot issues, and building maintenance.
  • Monitor your employees’ interaction with customers to ensure a high standard of service
  • Ensure the security camera design you chose/have chosen blends well with your decor. Although customers can be reassured by noticing security cameras throughout your property, the presence of less unobtrusive looking models may have the opposite effect, reminding customers more of potential risks and less of security.

Improve productivity and efficiencies
An IP security camera system can improve response times and staff efficiency by:

  • Remotely accessing real-time surveillance footage from anywhere on a mobile device
  • Using motion detection-based recording and event management
  • Sharing footage across the network
  • Tracking employees progress

Minimize costs/Protect your investment

  • An investment in an IP video surveillance solution provides you with many opportunities to save:
  • Minimize loss when you monitor areas that are prone to shrinkage
  • Protect your existing analog camera system investment – analog cameras can be easily incorporated into an IP video network.
  • Minimize the investment in cabling – no coax and no cable at all when Wi-Fi security cameras are deployed.
  • Adding Wi-Fi security cameras can make use of an existing Wi-Fi network.
  • An IP video surveillance system is scalable; you can add on to it as your budget permits

Consider the gains your hospitality business can achieve when you use your IP video surveillance system for security AND to improve hotel customer service. Take advantage of free video surveillance system consultation services that reputable surveillance camera installers offer to see what options are available to you for a surveillance system designed to fit your needs at a cost your budget can support.

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