Making Forensic Video More Reliable

Making Forensic Video More Reliable

Occasionally your local news channel will air a story about a crime and show related security camera footage so grainy and blurry that it’s almost impossible to recognize the perpetrators. Yet, TV crime shows, like CSI, have been presenting crystal clear forensic video in court scenes for over a decade. Which is closer to reality?

With today’s IP video surveillance technology, grainy, blurry images are becoming a thing of the past. High definition video is possible, and police departments are able to use video more successfully to apprehend criminal suspects. High-quality video such as HDTV is a great help when investigating crime:

“… Before, the technology was grainy, and when you got stills, you did not get a good, clear picture,” he said. “Now the stills are high quality digital images.”  “…video, if it’s of high quality and clear, can be very useful in trial as evidence.” Bill Kirk, Eagle Tribune

Yet, although a majority of businesses use security cameras, forensic video analysts are still faced with poor quality video, making it difficult to tie a criminal to a crime. Grainy surveillance video images can be the result of using an older technology surveillance system, or using a low-cost camera system of poor quality, or, improper installation and configuration of the latest technologies. Do you need to consider a better alternative for your business?

Explore the advancements in IP surveillance with a free consultation. At Security Camera Systems New England, we design video surveillance solutions and provide video surveillance installation services with all the features you require. We understand the challenge of knowing when, where and how to deploy and configure the latest in IP video technology – and the proper deployment can make all the difference in making forensic video more reliable.The

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