Milestone Systems Husky Series NVRs

NVR – Network Video Recorders

A Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a video recorder that is connected to your computer network and records video footage from your IP cameras that are also connected to your network. Video management software is installed on the network video recorder, which lets you manage an IP camera system over your existing computer network.


Record live views

Remote access to live views

Remote access to playback recorded images

There are network video recorders that support entry-level video surveillance to models supporting more sophisticated surveillance needs. The number of cameras, what you need to record and how long you need to store the footage will determine which NVR best supports your application. In addition, there are up to 50 configurations from which to choose, customizing your video surveillance system to meet all your requirements. All of this is discussed with you in detail during your free consultation.

Alternative to an NVR

serverYour video surveillance system may benefit from the flexibility of using a Windows server to host your video management software instead of an NVR. Both servers and NVRs record video. The difference between a server and an NVR is that the NVR comes with the video management software already installed. When using a server the software is purchased separately. NVRs are configured to support a fixed number of cameras. Servers are also configured to support a quantity of cameras, but the server can be expanded as your security camera system grows.

Not sure which will best meet your surveillance goals? Call us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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