Retail Video Analytics

Retail Video Analytics

Retail Video Analytics Highlights:

This article in our series of articles on Video Analytics applications is Retail Video Analytics. Over the years, retailers have used video surveillance as a deterrence to theft, but with today’s video analytics technology retailers can extract operational intelligence data for multiple benefits:

Retail Safety and Security

Intelligent features such as motion detection and active tampering alarms mean that numerous stores can be monitored simultaneously from a single location.

Loss Prevention

retail-sweetheartingVideo and transaction receipts can be displayed alongside one another so you can easily verify if goods are being scanned correctly.

Merchandising and Operations

Retail video analytics makes it easier to extract the information you need and boost your merchandising and operations’ performance. Some of the many benefits:

– Gauge customer interest in new promotional displays
– Automatic alerts to let you know of long lines and for staff to restock empty shelves
– Reports on visitor trends (in, out, time of day, traffic patterns)


For retailers considering a move to IP-based surveillance and retail video analytics, we suggest a trip to Axis Communications’ knowledge site RETAIL SURVEILLANCE. Axis Communications is the global market leader for security cameras and they offer a wealth of information for store owners. Whether you own a convenience store, run a hotel or manage a shopping mall, Axis details the solutions and benefits based on just about every type of retail operation.

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