Security Camera System Software

Video Management Software

Whether your facility has 4, 40, 400 cameras or more, there’s a security camera system software solution – also called video management software (VMS) – that’s right for your system with powerful and easy to use features that support basic to complex surveillance needs.


The Right Video Surveillance Software

We work with you to configure the right video surveillance system software features for your growing security and safety needs.
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Video Management Software Features
  • Monitor and control your cameras’ view
  • Play back and export surveillance video
  • View surveillance video wherever you are, whenever you want
  • Remote access on your mobile devices
  • Built-in motion detection
  • One-way audio; Two-way audio
  • Pan-tilt-zoom control
  • Interactive map
  • System alarms
  • Video search tool
  • Configuration wizards
  • Multiple video export formats
  • Integrate access control, video analytics, building management systems

Video Analytics

Video management software can also integrate with the latest in video analytics applications such as motion detection, license plate recognition, object filtering, and many more. Transform your surveillance system with video analytics and make it far more capable than just using it to record footage for you to review. Video analytics can boost your physical security and also enhance operational efficiency, marketing, merchandising, customer service, training – and more. For more detail on video analytics, check out our blog articles.

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