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Quality, Reliable, Security Camera Systems

We understand that there is nothing as important as safety and security, and no two companies, organizations or homes face the exact same set of challenges. Whether you need an entry-level security camera solution or a more sophisticated surveillance solution, we can design a system that best meets your needs and keeps you on budget for your application. From schools and hospitals to retail businesses, property management, and residences, Security Camera Systems New England has installed quality, reliable video surveillance solutions for:


Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

You can’t afford to have your employees, customers, assets and property at risk. We design video surveillance solutions based on your needs, situation, and budget…   More >

Property Management Surveillance Systems

The right property management security camera system helps to keep tenants, staff and properties safe from the threats of theft, vandalism, and violence … More >

Small Business Security Camera System

An ideal solution for small businesses. You get the latest in technology IP cameras , a network video recorder to store video, easy-to-use video management software … More >


Video Surveillance in Education

Student safety and school security is of paramount importance. From day-care centers to university campuses, the right video surveillance solution helps…  More >

Video Surveillance for Healthcare

Improve the overall safety and security at your hospital or healthcare facility. Monitor critical areas and protect employees, patients and assets against security breaches…  More >

Warehouse Video Surveillance Solutions

Protect the inventory in your warehouse from theft and damage with a surveillance system. Receive alerts when someone enters restricted areas day or night… More >

Home Security Camera System

Protect your home from intruders, theft and vandalism with a high-quality, reliable home security camera system…. More >