Virtual Tripwire for Perimeter Protection

Virtual Tripwire for Perimeter Protection

How a Virtual Tripwire Works

This article in our series on “An Introduction To Video Analytics,” highlights virtual tripwires, also known as cross line detection. A tripwire application detects moving objects that cross a virtual line making it possible to automatically trigger an event. Depending on your requirements the tripwire analytics software can be a function of the security camera or centralized on a server, DVR or NVR. You can establish a virtual tripwire with reliable results in these areas:

– entrances and/or exits
– gates
– pathways
– corridors
– loading docks
– parking lots
– driveways

If the tripwire in any of these areas is crossed an alarm is triggered, notifying you of the event so you can take the required action. An alarm is not triggered when people move near the tripwire, only when the line is crossed.

Limitations that need to be taken into account before you install:

– using security cameras that are subject to excessive vibration
– weather conditions (rain, snow)
– excessive lighting
– if a person or an object moves too slow or too fast through tripwire

AXIS Cross Line Detection

Cross-Line-Detector-AxisAXIS Cross Line Detection is an optional tripwire application that can be installed on their cameras or encoders (edge). It’s simple to install and configure. The user defines

– the lines (segments) needed to establish the tripwire
– object direction, one way or two way
– when the event is to be active, e.g. Sunday through Sunday from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.
– what event should be triggered when the line is crossed: text messsage; email images

For further information on Axis Cross Line Detection, download their product brochure


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