Successful Warehouse Operations with IP Video Surveillance

Warehouse Security Camera Solutions

The success of a warehouse is dependent on many things such as keeping materials and expensive assets secure from theft and shrinkage, efficient operations and keeping costs under control. An IP video surveillance system can help warehouses to accomplish all of this.

Security Camera Systems New England provides leading edge surveillance solutions for warehouses, whether you store your own goods or your customers goods. We design and install warehouse security camera systems based on your needs and budget using video surveillance equipment from market leading vendors.


Warehouse Security Camera Solutions

The features and benefits your warehouse or warehousing business will gain from a security camera system:

  • remote monitoring capabilities
  • monitor your premises to prevent unauthorized access to equipment and storage areas
  • receive automatic notification from the cameras in the event a camera is tampered with, or if there is motion in a prohibited area, enabling your staff to quickly evaluate the situation and act accordingly.
  • review recordings of warehouse operations for efficiency improvements
  • easily connect IP surveillance system to your existing network infrastructure and computers, keeping installation and maintenance costs low

Axis Visual Goods & Tracking Solution for Warehousing Companies

Control the environment your customers’ goods are stored in and:

Boost your business. Improve your processes. Strengthen your brand.

Read this brochure from Axis on how their Visual Goods Tracking Solution will help you improve your processes and business, consequently impressing your customers and strengthen your brand.

and be sure to check out their informative video:


Here’s a whitepaper from our partner Milestone Systems: A guide for freight companies, distribution centers, and container lots on the advantages of IP video


Your Surveillance Questions Answered

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